Are Djinn Good or Evil?

The djinn are good spirits which are calm, peaceful and loving. They are not evil, this is a myth perpetuated falsely throughout time.  As with all spirits, they are peaceful energies that help to bring good luck, positive vibrations and energy to your life.

The idea of evil djinn began to spread around the time of Spanish and Portuguese conquest. In the Middle East and Asia, djinn were noted as spiritual entities known to fulfill wishes and desires.  Most often, djinn were called upon to help individuals heal, and to help with fertility.  Villagers and laypeople would visit the temples to cast their wishes.  Noble men and royalty would use djinn to perform healing and aid in strategic military planning and execution.

As the Europeans travelled to the East and began to establish trade routes, they learned about the djinn from locals. It is said that many witnessed miracles at the various djinn temples in India and realized that these spirits would be beneficial to them.  Many were believed to take djinn of their own however, they knew it was vital to keep the djinn away from the hands of enemies.  The Europeans took the djinn back to Europe with them, and told tales of evil spirits in Asia.  And this began the myth of evil djinn.  It may come to a surprise, that in East, the djinn are revered for helping people with their wishes. In the West, the djinn are feared.  And now you know why.

It is a result of a long history of falsehood and myths, born from a greedy perspective to prevent others being able to obtain help, guidance, power and assistance.

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