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March 9, 2020 – 11:31 AM

This morning in my meditation, I focused on the coronavirus. I wanted to know when the virus would clear and when things would return to normal. I received that September is going to be the restoration of calm and order, there will be peace regarding this virus. The conversation has shifted away from coronavirus and people living with greater peace of mind. Fear has been washed away.

I also received that June will be a turning point. I feel this is related to a worldwide reduction and decrease of cases. I feel that at this point, the number of cases will start to level off and decline, but that cases around the world until June, will continue to climb.

June also marks a breakthrough of some sort and I’m not sure if it’s related to medication, or simply being able to curtail the spread.

In the meantime, I feel that the USA is extremely vulnerable right now. There is a lack of testing, procedure and overall guidance to curtail the virus spread. It feels that sick workers in California are unable to tend to crops and there will be crops that go unharvested. This will impact produce prices. What I recommend is to start growing your own vegetables and herbs, fruits if you can. This will save you money at the grocery store and this will save you exposure to people.

There’s also an unnecessary overstocking situation happening; you don’t need bundles of toilet paper, or food. Buy enough for 2 weeks (meats, soups, bread, veggies) and freeze it. And I receive to do this only if the number of cases in your town, is growing day by day.

What I receive is those who are hoarding food and supplies, prevent others to stay healthy and take care of their families. And in doing so, they will inadvertently help spread the disease by hoarding resources. It will happen in some parts of the USA, I see sick families who can’t find Kleenex or toilet paper and they’re just wiping their noses on rags or towels, and that infects the entire family.

I receive to not only take care of the body with the usual recommendations (lots of vegetables, citrus fruits, etc) but to also consume Vitamin D and Elderberry. Elderberry is known to surround viruses and prevent them from taking root in the body cells.

This is all that I receive today about the virus. Here are links to some items I have mentioned in my reading. Be safe, cautious and smart.

Love, Shanti

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