If you have questions regarding djinn, please read:

1. FAQ Section
2. Djinn History
3. Djinn Care
4. Djinn Tribes

Due to the number of emails that I’ve received from customers…
• begging for a discount
• begging for a free djinn
• begging for attention
• calling and emailing

I will no longer accept messages.  I need my personal space, I’m not someone who is on the computer all day, all night, ready to talk to you and entertain you. I have a family, I have my own spiritual work, I have simple chores…that require my time. 

I have given so much of my time to those who need it, but lately people seem to think it’s okay to call me at 1 AM to ask questions, or to email me 30 times in an hour because I haven’t replied immediately.

I’m not here for anyone’s entertainment or to fill a void in your life. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but it seems some people do not understand nor respect boundaries.  For that reason, I am closing email communication until necessary. 

Those interested in making a purchase can find all their answers on the website.  Those who make a purchase will receive my email and be able to communicate with me.