November 20, 2020 – I put this sale notice on my website on July 24th. For those who are frequent visitors, you will see that I accurate predicted a second wave and there will be a third before the situation is resolved. 2021 will have some improvements but mask wearing and distancing will continue into 2021 and the early part of 2022 for America, India, Mexico, South America.

Do not let your guard down. This is a test of our dedication, our resilience, our strength. This period is meant to make us all stronger and test us. The djinn are still on sale. Emperor djinn will be added in 1-2 months for my elite clients. Blessings, Shanti

July 24, 2020.

Dear loved ones, Thank you for visiting my website. I know that everyone is concerned with the pandemic and that times are difficult. For that reason, I have reduced the price of ALL djinn, to $111.11.

All levels, all classes. I hope this helps. Stay focused, stay safe, This pandemic will last for another 1 year, I do not see significant improvement until July -August 2021, as there are second waves coming and I feel a 3rd wave in some countries before the situation starts to change.

For that reason, I am offering my djinn at their lowest price because I know many of us will need extra guidance and protection.

I am focusing my attention for the next year towards coronavirus healing, and bringing medical researchers together to find a vaccine. I will not be adding more djinn to the website until a vaccine has been found; so this will be the last chance to acquire a djinn for a very long time.

Blessings – Shanti

Welcome to The Djinn Lair, I am a 5th generation psychic medium & clairaudient. Throughout my life, I have sought out every spiritual entity that I could find with a particular interest in djinn as they are commonly used and called upon in my ancestral village in India. I have been studying djinn for almost 50 years.  Please read the FAQ section to further assist you. When you are ready, visit The Djinn Shop to select your djinn.

I also provide psychic readings, reiki & blessings.

Love and Light to you all!