May 28, 2021 – Yes, we’re open! I haven’t updated my testimonials section in a long time. I have added a new one since it touched me deeply. I hope you are all well – Love, Shanti

I receive many emails asking if we are active. Yes, of course 🙂 I welcome all orders, please note that I ship on Saturdays/Sundays only. My schedule during the weekdays is devoted to taking care of my grandchildren and alot of healing/blessing for essential workers and those infected with COVID. My shipments are now designated to weekends only.

Look for the pandemic to start slowing in September/October of this year. We are now in the biggest hurdle and toughest part of the pandemic, the variants are dangerous. If we do not take precautions, we will see a deadlier variant and a 4th wave. Be safe, be vigilant. Take care of your health, get lots of vitamin D (sunshine) and meditate to balance your mind and body.

Blessings, Shanti

Welcome to The Djinn Lair, I am a 5th generation psychic medium & clairaudient. Throughout my life, I have sought out every spiritual entity that I could find with a particular interest in djinn as they are commonly used and called upon in my ancestral village in India. I have been studying djinn for almost 50 years.  Please read the FAQ section to further assist you. When you are ready, visit The Djinn Shop to select your djinn.

I also provide psychic readings, reiki & blessings.

Love and Light to you all!