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Buy your djinn and in the notes section of your purchase, let me know which djinn you’d like for free.  Free djinn must be of equal value to the djinn you have purchased.


Welcome to The Djinn Lair, home of authentic and genuine djinn.  I am a 5th generation psychic medium & clairaudient. Throughout my life, I have sought out every spiritual entity that I could find with a particular interest in djinn as they are commonly used and called upon in my ancestral village in India. I have been studying djinn for almost 50 years.  Please read the Testimonials and the FAQ section to further assist you. When you are ready, visit The Djinn Shop to select your djinn.

Using my gifts, I am proud to offer only the most unique and authentic spirits available. The majority of my djinn have been previously owned & tested by myself, fellow psychics and mediums, or those with spiritual gifts. I also provide psychic readings, spells & blessings.

Love and Light to you all!